RehabMany injured birds are brought to the Trust; we have had some successes, working with vets with this particular expertise and with the Wildlife Orphanage and Rehabilitation Centre. The success stories include a Masked/Blue faced Booby, Ospreys, a Brown Pelican, a Gray Hawk, Gallinules, Jacanas, Song Birds, Psittacines and different Owl species.









This rare, deep ocean-going migrating seabird was brought into the Trust in early March by Mrs Lendor from the Chaguanas area. The Trust's Vets and avicuture team took care of it and when it become very strong, healthy and active, was released. Trust Officers made a provisional identification and consulted Geoffrey Gomes, who in turn consulted Martyn Kenefick,. We all came to the conclusion that this rare bird is a juvenile Pomarine Jaeger (Stercorcarius pomarinus) rather than a Parasitic Jaeger (Stercorcarius parasiticus).