Flooding, Littering and the Link to Biodiversity

Flooding, Littering and the Link to Biodiversity


Productivity= Biodiversity
Why are wetlands important
—-Protection of coastlines
—-Fish nurseries
—-Groundwater recharge
—-Nutrient and sediment trapping
— -Water filter
—-Carbon sink/ reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Wetlands &Flood Control
-—Natural ‘sponges’
-—Capture, store and slowly release flood waters
-—Reduce risk of damage to houses, farms, businesses, agricultural lands
-—Slow the speed of flood waters, and distribute them more slowly over the floodplain
—-Reduce the rate of surface run off from urbanized areas
—-Protect coral reefs and sea grass beds
Flooding in T&T
—-Dumping of paper, plastic, styrofoam, bottles
—-Tyres, stoves, fridges
-—Clearing of the Northern Range
-—Industrial pollution
Ecosystem Linkages

Biodiversity---->Wetlands------>Ecotourism---->Littering-----> Flooding

Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust

What we do-

—-Non profit, Non governmental, environmental, membership organization
—-Captive breeding and reintroduction of endangered wetland birds
—-Environmental education
—-Policy advocacy and implementation
—-Promotes wise and sustainable use of our natural resources

 We Are Unique


Conservation and Industry


The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust works German Embassy in Combating Climate Change in Trinidad and Tobago


The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust is proud to be supported by the German Embassy in Trinidad and Tobago again with a grant which would enable the Trust's outreach programme "Adapting to Climate Change". Trust Educators will visit schools specifically in rural areas of Trinidad and Tobago to share educational programmes to the youth engaging them in discussions and showing them that a "green lifestyle" helps fight climate change. 

The Embassy and the Trust have been long standing partners since 2011 in raising the awareness about climate change.



Returned to the Nariva Wetlands

The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust released 10 Blue & Gold Macaws into their natural home, the Nariva Wetlands, to celebrate the 45th Anniversary of the Trust. Read more...

White Faced Whistling Duck

From the Netherlands with Love

White Faced Whistling Ducks and White Cheeked Pintails, locally endangered arrived at the PaP Wildfowl Trust in May 2013 as a gift from Pierrecco Eyma, President of Aviornis, Netherlands. Read more...


The Pointe-a-Pierre Wildfowl Trust celebrates 50 years!!!


Environmental Education Programme

We believe that in nature, one is uplifted and refreshed and that this bond can and does provide a valuable mental and spiritual boost and release for the handicapped and the ill, indeed for every one of us. Read more...