Birds and Wetlands

Wetlands are the homes for many types of bird including ibis, pelicans, herons, flamingos, cranes, waders and, of course, wildfowl. They are also important feeding and resting places for these birds on migration (as well as for smaller migrants such as swallows, martins, etc.). Fact: It is estimated that over 7 million shorebirds from Nothern Europe overwinter in the West African wetlands. Such wetlands can record vast numbers of birds - The Banc d'Arguin of Mauretania can support a density of 4,000 birds per square Kilometer! Wetlands are important nesting sites. The Caroni in Trinidad supports large numbers of Ibis, Herons, Whistling Ducks, Stilts, Rails, Egrets and many more. One Hundred and Thirty Two (132) species of birds are found in the Caroni.