About Us

The Trust bases its Policies and Actions on Sustainability and WISE USE.

We Believe that the human society and its economic well-being cannot be separated from the Natural Environment, and that economic benefits must be BALANCED with eco-system conservation and all aspects of human health – physical, mental and spiritual.

The Trust also Believes that only through the education of our People, especially the children, will there be any real hope for the Future. We believe that greater awareness and understanding of the importance of preserving the environment and all our Natural resources, together with the protection and managed breeding of our Wildlife and the propogation of our trees and plants, will assist in bringing greater stability, true growth and a healthier economy and that this awareness will build more responsible and productive human beings.

The Trust believes that true progress will only come true when more people become involved, and play an ACTIVE part, no matter how small, in doing something positive for greater improvements in our country, and by extension, the world.